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    Skateboard Decks

    All of our skateboard decks have been designed by the Levitate Skate team and feature photos or other images taken or created by the team. The boards are manufactured for us by our Australian supplier - one of the most experienced skateboard manufacturers in Australia.

    As the Levitate Skate brand develops, so too will our range of boards. Stay tuned for our next range which will hit our online store in late 2018.

     More about our skateboard decks:

    • All our boards are manufactured by our Australian supplier using high quality 7 ply North American Maple.
    • The best decks are made of the North American Maple Hardwood. Of the 13 species of Maple found on the North American continent, only 1 is truely suitable for use in skateboards - "Acer Saccharum" or "Sugar Maple".
    • Sugar Maple is sought after for it's hard, heavy, strong and high impact resistant properties. It is commonly used for furniture, sporting goods, bowling alleys, musical instruments... and of course skateboards!
    • Many cheaper skateboards are made from other species of Maple or a similar looking wood to the Sugar Maple  - a species of Birch, more commonly know in the skate industry as the "Chinese Maple".
    • On harvesting, the Sugar Maple is turned into logs which and then thinly sliced into skateboard sized sheets known as veneer. These veneer sheets are shipped to Australia from North America and are then sorted, cut to shape, dried, glued and pressed by our manufacturer. Once happy with the shape and look of the board, its on to the graphics phase.
    • The graphics are designed by the Levitate Skate team and then sent to our manufacturer who transfers the graphics onto the boards using a heat transfer process. Once the Levitate Skate team are happy with the final product it is shipped to the customer, along with quality grip tape.
    • To see the manufacturing process in action, check out this video